3 Top-Rated Childhood Cancer Hospitals in the United States

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Childhood cancer is not something that many people like to talk about. It can be very hard to watch a small person go through the struggles of the vicious disease. Even though it’s not a very positive topic, it’s important to note that there are places all around the country that can help children specifically with care and potential relief.

St. Jude’s Hospital
It’s no secret that St. Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee is the top-rated hospital for kids of all ages. Doctors Brian Abbott, Elisabeth Adderson, and Yaser Alsaek are there to help your children with their pain both mentally and physically. This is with the use of chemotherapy drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and pure love. If you’ve never heard of St. Jude’s Research Hospital, you probably haven’t seen any of their commercials on TV. The hospital is dedicated to spreading childhood cancer awareness in a way that reaches multiple platforms.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is another great option for treating childhood cancer. Along with ranking number three in the country in childhood cancer treatment, they also specialize in pediatric cardiology and heart surgery, pediatric diabetes and endocrinology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric neurology and neurosurgery, pediatric pulmonology, and pediatric orthopedics. Children who need medical assistance from all over the world flock to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment. They are home to the country’s first Proton Therapy Program, which has been specifically designed for children.

John Hopkins Children’s Center
A third option is John Hopkins Children’s Center. This hospital takes in about 150 children every day and has been recognized for nursing excellence. The hospital can help more than just the children, as it makes their more than 3,000 book library full of various resources available to parents and families of patients. The hospital is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Childhood cancer is a lot to handle. However, with the help of the hospitals listed above, plus many others across the country, the process and situation can go a lot smoother. There is no proven cure for cancer at this time, but tests are being trialed with the use of small pharmaceutical companies stock and biotech angel investors. The small pharmaceutical companies stock, small cap biotech stocks, and those who are investing in biotech startups can help make the targeted chemotherapy drugs a reality. Support these projects with small pharmaceutical companies stock today! With recent improvements in treatment, the five-year survival rate for non-Hodgkin lymphoma has increased to 74%, meaning anything is possible!

How Investing in a Biotech Company Could Mean Saving the World

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With so many different kinds of cancer and no viable cure for any of them, it can be hard to stay positive at times. The good news is that there are facilities and scientists working on bringing new treatments to fruition that are more powerful with less side effects. These biotech companies are changing the game in the fight against cancer and could potentially turn the tables in our favor.

What is a Biotech Company?
Quite simply, biotechnology refers to technology based on biology and using biomolecular processes to develop new products and technology. Biotech can be based in many different forms of the biological sciences to provide solutions to major problems thrown at humanity. Three general facets of biotech are:

  1. The Human Body: Biotech scientists work to create new efficient ways to help battle diseases and infections across the globe. They find ways to personalize treatments to the individual, create new means to accurately detect disease, reduce illness outbreaks and more.
  2. The Gas Tank: Some companies focus in creating new ways to minimize the harmful amounts of waste and emissions produced.
  3. The Stomach: Other companies try to solve world hunger by creating better farming methods and crops.

How Can a Biotech Company Make Real Change?
These companies strive solely to provide better technology to help the human race and heal the world. Advancements are made by scientists who have spent their lives working on finding cures and creating new technology, but they can only continue to do so if people begin investing in biotech startups. Many of them are small biotech companies with biotech angel investors. With the right funding, these companies can do more research, run more experiments, and provide serious means to fight the good fight. These companies aren’t going anywhere either, especially considering that and estimated 2.1% of Americans will have lymphoma at some point during their lives. That’s 72,000 new cases each year. Now is the time to start investing in biotech startups and companies so things like targeted chemotherapy drugs can experience further development.

If you’ve had some form of cancer, or maybe you know someone who did, then you understand the importance of the research and results these companies provide. Should you choose to invest in biotech startups, you’re really investing in the future of science and the preservation of life.

Fundraising Ideas for Cancer Research

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It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, young or old. Cancer is something you’re probably no stranger to. Many people in the United States have at least one friend or family member who has been affected by the disease, if not themselves. Leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma are expected to account for about 10.2% of new cancer diagnoses per year, and unfortunately there is no cure for cancer at this time. When a cancer diagnosis strikes your family, it can be hard to deal with the idea that there isn’t anything you can do to help. However, there is something that can be done.

Many people all around the country are investing in oncology biotech or are investing in biotech startups. These oncology biotech startups exist to help find a cure and breakthrough new treatments. If you know someone dealing with cancer, you may not be able to cure the disease or invest in oncology biotech IPO groups, but you can fundraise for cancer research and treatment options like new chemotherapy drugs. When it comes to fundraising, there’s so much more that can be done other than a classic bake sale or passing a donation envelope around at work.

Here are some other ideas for your next cancer fundraiser.

Girls’ Night
One fun and really creative fundraising idea is a girls’ night. A girl’s night is the perfect way to bring all of your friends, and maybe even their friends, together for a good cause! You can set up stations for manicures, facials, pedicures, and even massages. Now, to make this a fundraiser, ask for a small donation of $5.00 or $10.00 at the door that will be donated right to a cancer research fund. Make sure you’re serving food and drinks throughout the night to ensure everybody’s having a good time and staying refreshed.

Game Night
A girls’ night isn’t really your thing, but you still want to have fun, so why not host a game night? Invite a bunch of people over to your house or to a community center to play games. Charge people the same $5.00 or $10.00 that you would if you were going to host a girls’ night. To make it even more interesting, offer prizes to the winners of each game. The winner of each game can receive something small like a $5.00 gift card for coffee or a cookbook. Also, be sure to put up a box at the entrance for additional donations. Yes, you’re going to be asking for an initial donation to play the games, but some people might want to give a little bit more.

Make Something and Sell It
Instead of baking cookies or cupcakes and selling them, you can get creative and make something that’s a bit more original. In the past, you may have seen fundraisers offering different colored ribbons to represent different kinds of cancer. To put an original twist on this idea, create handmade scarves that are colored to represent each form of cancer. Pink will signify breast cancer, purple will signify pancreatic cancer, orange will signify leukemia, etc. It’s an easy way to get people involved throughout the year, as a scarf is something that can be worn no matter the season.

Fundraising is a great way to raise money for cancer research all while spreading awareness for the disease. Take a look at a few of the ideas listed above when deciding what to do! They’re fun and original ideas that people will remember.